Listening Sessions

In January of 2017, Pope Francis wrote a Letter to Young People where he invited them “to “go”, to set out towards a future which is unknown but one which will surely lead to fulfillment, a future towards which He Himself accompanies you. I invite you to hear God’s voice resounding in your heart through the breath of the Holy Spirit.” ahead of  the Vatican releasing the Preparatory Documents for the 2018 Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.  As the church prepares for this Synod, it wants to know the lived realities of young people as they are discerning their path in life so that we as a church can better accompany them on that journey. What an exciting time for our youth and young adults as Pope Francis is asking questions and wanting to hear their voices! He wants all their voices to be heard too, those active in the church, and those who are not active in the faith as well! This too is a great bridge for the Diocese of Cheyenne as the questions will not only help guide the discussions in Rome, these questions also will help us to continue to grow our youth and young adult programs at here.

Outside of listening to our youth and young adults we believe that it is important to not only understand their world from their view, but also from those who accompany them on this journey.  Parents, clergy, and other adults who work with young people are also an important part of understanding their experience. As such we encourage not just the youth and young adults to be involved in this process, but others as well.

For this process in the Diocese of Cheyenne, we are asking each parish to host at least one listening session for high school youth, for young adults (18-30), and/or a multi-generational session . However we want to stress the importance that we want, and frankly need to hear the voice of the youth and young adults.

To assist in hosting a Listening Session and collecting feedback from your young people, the Diocese of Cheyenne, with the help of the Secretariat for Pastoral Ministry and Social Concerns for the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. have prepared the following resources and Listening Sessions questions.

Outside of the listening sessions, we are asking all parishes to distribute the online survey which can be found at to all young people and adults throughout the Diocese of Cheyenne. Submission deadline is June 15th.

For questions, please contact:

Amy Larsen, Assistant Director of Pastoral Ministries ,                                                           307-638-1530 or